Wilson Peace Carpenter was born in Seattle, Washington, the first child of Margie and Bruce Carpenter. A performer from a young age Wilson perfected the so called “monkey face” which he would perform on command or when he felt the timing was right. Legend has it he used this face to win over a used car salesman and help get his parents a great deal on their first minivan.

His first foray into live theatre was at the age of seven when his first grade class performed Arrow to The Sun, a popular children’s book by Gerald McDermott. The night of the performance Willie was nervous, but on stage in front of hundreds of parents his demeanor was calm and collected. He read the story while simultaneously cuing his peers for their many entrances and exits.

After the performance Willie’s teacher recommended to his parents that they enroll him in some kind of after school acting program. His parents signed him up for classes with West Seattle Kids Theater and soon thereafter the ‘acting bug’ took it’s hold condemning Wilson to a life full of intense joys, great disappointments and destitution. He continued to perform with WSKT and in his schools within the Seattle Public School System for the next several years.

At the age of 18 Willie was accepted to the acting program at the prestigious Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. Wilson thrived in the program graduating Cum Laude with honors and winning an EVVY his senior year for a performance as Macbeth in an Emerson Shakespeare Production. After graduation he did what many 2010 graduates did which was to move home and figure out what the fuck is going on. After performing in community theater and working in a restaurant for two years he saved up enough money to buy a semi-reliable 35 year old motorcycle and ride it across the country to New York City.

Wilson’s experience in New York City was one of exploration. He made ends meet by working in restaurants and pubs in Manhattan and Brooklyn; While staying active with a couple of theater groups, his drive waned in the face of making rent and maintaining some kind of peace and happiness.

Until he met a large bearded man with a powerful voice that could only be described as Brendan Murray. Brendan convinced Wilson of a place where he could easily make a living as an actor. A place called Cape Town in the country of South Africa. Wilson began making plans for his departure and at the end of 2014 he began his ‘African Adventure.’ A terrifying leap that only grew in terror as he slowly became aware that not all places are like America.

After nearly running out of money Wilson happened upon a small inheritance from his late grandfather which kept him fed until he booked his first role on a television series. He was to play ‘Pirate Recruit #1’ on the Starz networks flagship series “Black Sails.” After proving his worth through physical combat Wilson was allowed to continue on the show as ‘Ellers.’ He became the man always standing near the towering Captain Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard also known as Ray Stevenson. Wilson’s experience on set was that of wonder and fulfillment. He had found a magical place where you dressed up in costumes and played pretend all day. And they fed you.

After Black Sails Season Three wrapped Wilson booked a role as ‘Jack’ on the hit Syfy series “Dominion.” While only appearing in a couple of episodes at the end of season 2 his character was poised as the leader of the human army that would undoubtedly defeat the Angels in a massive battle in season 3. But the series was dropped.

Wilson took some time away from Africa to attend a friend’s wedding and then spent some time with his family on the west coast of America before being whisked back to Cape Town for Season 4 of Black Sails. After wrapping with Black Sails he played a vampire in the flop that was Dark Tower. Winter is a notoriously quiet time in South Africa and so Wilson got involved in doing some accent coaching for a film Johnny Knoxville and Co. shot in Cape Town. After finishing this film Wilson decided to leave Cape Town. Not for work. But, for love. A woman he had adored for years invited him to come and stay with her in Dekalb, just outside of Chicago, Illinois and he once again made a terrifying leap across the ocean. But this transition was one of ease and comfort and Wilson quickly found himself happier than he had ever been before. There was only one thing that continued to cause him discomfort and that was that pesky ‘acting bug’ continuing to gnaw away at his side…

The bug dragged him and his girlfriend to the city of angels where Wilson currently resides hoping to catch a break.